Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

Pierceton Woods Academy


Lifeline’s residential services at Pierceton Woods Academy are provided for male youth who have been removed from their home and placed with Lifeline through placing agencies such as the Department of Corrections, Department of Child Services or Probation. We are a Freeway Accredited School through the Indiana Department of Education. 
All residents in our programs have a service plan designed specifically for their needs. Based on their needs, they are placed in one of these programs:

Sex Offender and Relapse Prevention Program (SORPP) – This 5-stage program is designed to provide sex offender treatment for youth who have not previously completed offender treatment and relapse prevention treatment for youth who have completed initial offender treatment and are ready to move forward to their next step of life.

Independent Living – This 21- to 29-week program is designated for male youth ages 15-21 who need to learn the basics of independent living in a structured institutional setting.


Phase II – Independent Living – Spencer Home
Lifeline’s residential services at Spencer Home are provided for youth who are approaching emancipation. Phase II provides apartment-style living for residents who are ready to test their independent living skills in a safe and structured environment.

• Residents live in apartment style rooms with kitchenettes

• Residents learn to use public transportation

• Residents learn independence through practical applications such   as cooking and cleaning

• Residents learn responsibilities by earning money and paying bills

• Residents finish their education through Fort Wayne Community       Schools or APEX self-paced curriculum

Spencer Home

Residential Services