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Project Wishlist

One of the ways we make sure Lifeline’s children feel loved at Christmas time is for them to receive that special gift they have been hoping for. Kids literally fill out “wish lists” that we share with those in the community through churches or other organizations. 

Hundreds of individuals faithfully step forward year after year, to purchase a specific item for one of our kids. Some amazing things happen when children open these unexpected treasures: we see the brightest smiles, parents’ hearts are warmed, and our kids know that the community around them cares. Similar to our Back-to-School "Backpack Round Up", this gift drive concludes with Christmas celebrations, where “Santa” visits to personally hand out presents and the hot chocolate flows!

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 Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

2016 Event

During the Project Wish List Annual Christmas Party this year, Santa and his helpers will provide gifts for each child in Brookmill Community ages 0 - 18 years. There will also be activities for the families and children of all ages.


​Thanks to The Chapel, AWP, Heaven to Earth Baptist Church, and Lifeline employees over 1000 gifts were donated to Lifeline children and families during the 2015 holiday season. In addition, several families and a company adopted seven families for Christmas. 

If you’d like to find out more about getting involved this year, either by purchasing a gift for a child or volunteering to serve at our annual celebration, contact Frances Brooks at