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Photos from the 2015 Planking Challenge

Photos from the 2016 Planking Challenge

 Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

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Planking Challenge

The 3rd annual Crosswinds Planking Challenge is planned for April 21, 2017, at Parkview Field at 1:30 p.m. Crosswinds' CEO, Mark Terrell, is challenging others in our community to get involved! Monies raised from this unique, yet healthy, fundraiser benefit the Lifeline Loves & Crosswinds Cares fund. This fund provides limited financial assistance to eligible employees who are experiencing economic hardship due to emergency situations. 

New! In 2017, funds will also benefit the Helpers & Heroes campaign! Dollars raised will assist with the expense of counseling for professionals serving our community, including firefighters, police officers and those in the military. Support our real life superheroes! 

Compete for:
- Most Creative Planking Costume
- Most Money Raised
- Most Donors
- Most Votes on
- Longest Plank on Competition Day - Amateur
- Longest Plank on Competition Day - Professional

Compete in the following categories:
Amateur: Those who haven't seen the inside of a gym since January 5th.
Professional: Someone who is "super fit," a pro athlete, and/or a trainer.

Donate a flat amount to your favorite Competitor by clicking on the Green Donate button. Make sure to page through to find your person.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Media Sponsor:

Prior Planking Challenge Event Results:

2016 Results: Over $5000 Raised!

Most Donations Received: Jacquie Downey - $1200

Most Donors: Jacquie Downey - 20 Sponsors

Most Creative Costume: Liz Day - Superwoman

​Longest Plank Held: Christy Phend (Rocky) - 10 minutes!

Thank you Journal Gazette and WFFT Fox News for covering the event in 2016. 

2015 Results: Just under $8000 Raised!

Most Donations Received: Mark Terrell - $2031!
Most Sponsors: Tanya Carpenter - 35 different sponsors!
Most Creative Planking Training Location: Dave Long - Lifeline Sign!
Most Creative Costume Worn During Plank-Off: Jacquie Downey - Pirate Ship!
Longest Plank Held During Plank-Off: Brenda Gerber Vincent - 480 seconds, that's 8 minutes!

Thank you WANE-TV for covering the event in 2015​​