Photos from the 2016 Planking Challenge

Photos from the 2015 Planking Challenge

 Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

Planking Challenge

Lifeline Youth & Family Services and Crosswinds are challenging all staff and their friends & family to join in on the 2017 Planking Challenge!  Raise money while getting in shape!

2017 Save the Date: Friday, April 21, 2017
2pm at Parkview Field

Proceeds from this event will go towards creating the "Lifeline Loves/Crosswinds Cares" fund. Money in this account will be raised by employees for employees in times of financial need.

Interested in participating? Contact Frances Brooks  (260) 702-3795

Planking Challenge awards include:
Most Sponsors
Most Money Raised
Most Creative Planking Costume
Longest Planker on Competition Day

Donate a flat amount to your favorite Staff Member
by clicking on the Green Donate button. Make sure
to page through to find your person.

Prior Planking Challenge Event Results:

2016 Results: Over $5000 Raised!

Most Donations Received: Jacquie Downey - $1200

Most Sponsors: Jacquie Downey - 20 Sponsors

Most Creative Costume: Liz Day - Superwoman

​Longest Plank Held: Christy Phend (Rocky) - 10 minutes!

Thank you Journal Gazette and WFFT Fox News for covering the event in 2016. 

2015 Results: Just under $8000 Raised!

Most Donations Received: Mark Terrell - $2031!
Most Sponsors: Tanya Carpenter - 35 different sponsors!
Most Creative Planking Training Location: Dave Long - Lifeline Sign!
Most Creative Costume Worn During Plank-Off: Jacquie Downey - Pirate Ship!
Longest Plank Held During Plank-Off: Brenda Gerber Vincent - 480 seconds, that's 8 minutes!

Thank you WANE-TV for covering the event in 2015​​