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Pierceton Woods Academy Chapel Project

Imagine walking through a winding forest path, crossing over a bridge, entering a secluded opening and coming upon what seems to be an old country church. As you come closer you realize that not only is it a church, but one with a bell tower. You wonder to yourself, “Why would someone take the time to build such a beautiful chapel in such a remote place?”

As you enter the building you expect to find old pews, a piano, a pulpit, and a small cross
sitting on a table at the far end of the church. Instead, you enter a room that is much different. You enter a room that is filled with light, one that draws your attention to the far wall. A wall that is made entirely of glass that allows you to not only enjoy the sunlight, but also the beauty of the forest that surrounds the church. However, it isn’t the surprise of the view that captures your attention, but that the windows are in fact made in such a way that three crosses are clearly visible to anyone that walks into the room. As you move closer to the windows you see something outside that catches your eye. Thirty feet away, standing some twenty feet high is a solitary cross made of steel... 

Come with us as we share our vision for a place of worship and healing at our Pierceton Woods Academy.

A Winding Path: Each of us is on a path in life. However the children that we work with at Lifeline have rarely taken the straight path. Instead, many are on winding paths that have included abuse, neglect, and self-destruction. The path that will lead to our chapel signifies the journey many of us have had as we walk through life, full of bends and turns.  However, this journey leads to something significant: the answer to the trials that life has thrown at them.

A Bridge:  Following the winding path, there will be a footbridge that must be crossed to reach the chapel. The decision to cross over this bridge is much like the decision our residents must make. It requires a desire to trust. A desire to leave the past behind. A desire to make a change.

The Old Country Church:  As one drives by an old white building with a steeple, there is rarely a question about the purpose of this building. It is the old country church, which serves as a place of worship for those in the area. For our campus, the opportunity to build a modern church structure was tempting. However, like the image of the old country church, we wanted the appearance of our chapel to clearly portray its purpose—the same purpose behind the work we do.

​A True Sanctuary: Memories of sitting in a church can hold different meanings for all of us. For some of our residents, their memories of church have been tainted by people who portrayed a god that was unloving, inconsistent, harsh, cruel, and sometimes unforgiving. Our sanctuary is designed to be a true haven. Something unexpected and new, revealing God’s creation and hope all at once.

Three Crosses: Once inside, there will be a wall of glass as you look straight ahead.  If you look closely, three crosses will become visible in the design. These crosses remind us of the price that was paid. Although Christ had the power to strike back at his attackers, He chose to bear our burdens instead. These crosses also remind us how freely His grace is given—even to the criminal on the cross who simply believed and was told, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” We can’t think of a more powerful or relevant message to give the troubled youth who enter this place.

 A Cross of Steel:  Through the wall of glass, there will be a singular, unmistakable sight: a singular steel cross. Regardless of the trials brought into this place, there is a solution.  A clear, singular solution. And this is the real purpose of Lifeline: changing hearts and bringing hope to a generation at risk.

Lifeline is seeking partners to help us complete this vision for our chapel. Our goal is to raise $800,000 to complete this project in the next 12 months. Please consider joining with us to establish this place of hope and healing for the children we serve.