Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

Pierceton Woods Academy

Pierceton Woods Academy is Lifeline's residential facility for youth who have been removed from their home and placed with Lifeline through placing agencies such as the Department of Correction, Department of Child Services or Probation. All residents in our programs have a service plan designed specifically for their needs. Specific program options at Pierceton Woods Academy include:

Sex Offender & Relapse Prevention Program (SORP): Lifeline’s Sex Offender and Relapse Prevention Program (SORP) works with male youth with Sexually Maladaptive Behavior. It is a 5-stage program designed to provide sex offender treatments for youth who have not previously completed initial offender treatment and relapse prevention treatment for youth who have completed initial offender treatment and are ready for the next step of their lives.

Independent Living Phase I: Lifeline’s Boys’ Independent Living program is available for males ages 15 to 21 who are in need of a structured environment to help them move quickly toward independence. Residents work intensely on building a foundation of independence by practicing independent living skills, social skills, and employment skills. They also experience daily interactions with positive peer leaders and trained professional staff. 

​Alternative School: Pierceton Woods Academy operates an on-campus, year-round, accredited school that provides a complete academic program. Residents receive a combination of self-paced online curriculum with character development and experiential learning taught by licensed teachers and specialized instructors. We are a Freeway Accredited School through the Indiana Department of Education.