Fish with the Pros 2016

 Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope


Fish with the Pros got its start in 1999 when several Lifeline executives were casting about for fundraising ideas. They thought about a charity golf tournament, but quickly realized that everybody in the world does a golf event. Then one of the agency’s part-time employees suggested holding a sort of intensive fishing workshop, featuring prominent fishing pros who would donate their time and gear to the cause. 

Fourteen people signed up for the trip the first year, mostly businessmen from the area around Fort Wayne, IN where Lifeline has its headquarters. Guests and pros spent a leisurely weekend at a cabin on Lake Leelenau near Traverse City, MI where they fished for the majority of the day and relaxed around a campfire in the evenings.

​Since the first trip, Fish with the Pros has grown from a small fundraising idea into a selection of sought after fishing opportunities. 

Fish with the Pros 2018 will be at Spider Lake: September 28 – October 1

Retreat Center Room (Double occupancy) $1,600 per person 


If you’d like to find out more about Fish with the Pros or are interested in participating, contact Frances Brooks at