Crosswinds is pleased to offer the following interactive, educational seminars and classes as we seek to help individuals and families reclaim control, restore relationships and rebuild hope. Our seminars are informative, thought provoking and entertaining, as well as offering an emotionally supportive and interactive experience for those who attend. The seminars will offer effective solutions to the challenges facing today’s parents, educators, pastors and other professionals. The seminars are facilitated by our Therapists and or Family Coaches.


Each year as children go back to school, Lifeline hosts a "Backpack" roundup. This ensures that all of the children in the Brookmill Court community and surrounding area have the necessary supplies for their upcoming school year.

Project wishlist

One of the ways we make sure Lifeline's children feel loved at Christmas time is for them to receive that special gift they've been hoping for. Kids literally fill out "wish lists" that we share with those in the community through churches or other organizations.

"Fish with the Pros" are a series of annual fundraising events run by Lifeline Youth & Family Services. The events take place during a weekend in the summer or fall in a variety of different locations. Guests have the opportunity to fish with an expert during the day, experience good food and fellowship at night, and learn about the mission and ministry of Lifeline.

Lifeline Youth And Family Services in Indiana: home-based counseling in Indiana & residential treatment for teens in Indiana

*Program outcomes/success rates updated semi-annually.

Alternative School 

​Based on credits achieved



Home Based Services

​Based on number of families intact and the number of treatment goals achieved


Jazzin' Up January is Lifeline's and Crosswinds Jazz Dinner fundraiser. This incredible evening will be hosted at The Memorial Coliseum Conference Center, complete with incredible music, auction and food.

Fish with the Pros

Jazzin' Up January

Planking Challenge

Backpack Roundup


Project Incentive 

​Based on age appropriate developmental checklist


Center for Responsible Thinking 

​Based on pre- and post-testing.


Residential Programs

Based on achievement of treatment goals




 Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

Lifeline Youth & Family Services and Crosswinds are challenging all staff and their friends & family to join the Planking Challenge!