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Hear what our Employees have to say about working for Lifeline.

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Do you feel proud to tell people you work here, if so, why?

I do! Since I don't have the skillset to actually be out there being a therapist or a counselor I feel that being a part of our IT department really gives me a chance to contribute to a very good mission.  Genevieve G., Information Systems Manager

I feel very proud to tell people I work here. The organization is well known in the community and people know and respect the type of work that we do and the help that we give to those who need it and very proud to tell people yes.   Michael O., Director of Finance

Do you feel valued?

I do, that mainly comes from, well sometimes it comes from staff when they give feedback but my supervisor just sends me encouraging emails and in fact she just sent me a book in the mail, it was inspirational to her and she wanted me to have it. To me its things like that that make me feel valued.  Paige M., Supervising Therapist

Yes, I feel very valued.  Our clinical director asks us our opinions, our ideas and just that opportunity to grow and say what we want to and know we are listened to. We know they care and value all of us.  Erika J., Supervising Therapist

How do you feel about your colleagues at Lifeline?

I have the best colleagues, I have worked at a few different jobs and the people that I work with here are top notch professionals and they are the best.  Allen R., Regional Coordinator
My colleagues are wonderful people and beyond that they are some of my best friends.  Brian B., Youth Manager

I get along with all of them well and really enjoy them and have become good friends with several of them.  Bud H., Leadership Director

They are loving people that chose to take the time of their day to completely be there for the kids to help them grow and be the men they are called to be.  Stephanie O., Youth Treatment Specialist

I absolutely love getting to work with the people I do. It’s good to know I work with people that share my faith and passion for the people we work for.  Jason S., Youth Treatment Specialist 

How does your heart feel at the end of the day?

My heart feels very joyful in the fact that we help so many youth at Lifeline and we are making an impact in their lives.  Deb L., Administrative Assistant

My heart feels really, really good at the end of the day because I get to hear about how we are impacting lives or if I go the preschool I get to see all of the little kids and how they're growing as these little tiny humans and becoming good members of society.  Christy P., Marketing Communication Specialist

What do you like best about working here?

The relationships with the kids.  Mike C., Teacher

I think what I like best about working here is that I get to be a part of something behind the scenes that I know is helping to make amazing things happen through our online staff by looking to secure resources that’s going to give them the tools they need to do their job better or to maybe give services to families that wouldn't get help otherwise. There is something very meaningful in that.  Jenn S., Grants Coordinator

My favorite or best thing about working here is the fact that the CEO, the owners, the upper crust they are friendly and they are approachable.  Some of the places I have worked in the past, they were people you didn’t want to associate with and you were afraid to say hello, and this is the opposite. It’s great here.  Suzy W., HBS Administrative Support

Just about everything.  Bud H., Leadership Director

What do you like best about your job?

What I like best about my job is that I am helping people so that they can help the clients that they work with. The families that we work with - they need help with being able to rebuild their lives.  So helping others to get to the part of their life they need is really important to me and makes me feel good that that is what I am helping with.  Adrienne B., Regional Coordinator

What I like best about my job is working with the families, working, and knowing that the staff that we are hiring is going to be changing lives for many people across the state of Indiana and possibly nationally. That's really satisfying for me.  Liz D., Operations Director of Home Based Services

I love what I do. I've been in accounting my entire life. It's what I do. It's what I enjoy and know best. It's nice to know I'm doing it in an organization that does the work it does and I'm indirectly helping those people get the help that they need in an indirect way but still a part of the organization.  Michael O., Director of Finance

I like it because if there is a problem, or if there is a concern, or if there is something about my job that I think there is a better way to do it, our supervisors listen. Sometime it works sometimes it doesn’t but they let you think it out or work it out.  It feels good when people actually listen to your opinions or listen to how you can do your job better or relate to people better.  Dorothy F., Finance Assistant

The thing I like best about my job is that it’s a job that involves helping people and I know that in helping people I am making a positive difference.  Bernice B., Director Project Incentive

I enjoy seeing the children blossom.  Each year we see them grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually and I enjoy seeing that progress and growth. Arvis B., Preschool Teacher

What I like best of my job is that I feel supported in what I do.  I am a full time student at Huntington University and I feel like Lifeline as whole has really come around me and helped me as I have been at Huntington and they have made my schedule really flexible and worked with me.  Sarah D., Assistant to Regional Coordinator

I like the fact that I can communicate with the youth on a one to one basis and really get an opportunity to listen to what they have on their heart and to be able to glean what their desires are especially with the students in our Independent living program. I have a passion to see kids get off to a good start and that’s been a rewarding part of my time at Lifeline.  Rick H., Youth Manager

I like being able to do a bunch of different things throughout the day things like working with boys and sometimes I will work on the computer. I really like the variety of that comes with working here.  Brandon B., Program Coordinator SORP

Just the ability to work with the guys everyday one on one to see them grow not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually, emotionally. It’s really been a treat.  I have only been here a couple months and I am already even noticing a change in myself, let alone them.  Michael B., Youth Treatment Specialist

What do you think of your colleagues?

I think that my colleagues are very professional I think they strive to be excellent in what they do and I think they have a love for Christ and that makes for a great working environment.  Paige M., Supervising Therapist

What does Lifeline mean to you?

It's especially important to me because I realize that Lifeline is authentically a spiritual organization in that they are totally concerned about the eternal life of those that are involved not only of the youth most importantly, but the staff and others that we come in contact with.  Rick H., Youth Manager

What is the highlight of your job?

The highlight of my job is that I am able to support staff that get to serve families.  So when I hear their stories and the changes that happen in family’s lives it’s just really neat and just being part of that development for them is really great.  I feel supported and the opportunities I have had to grow and develop myself is amazing.  I've never had that before.  Erika J., Supervising Therapist

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

The most satisfying part of my job is knowing that we're changing lives everyday and it might be just a little thing, knowing that a kid may be going home, may be going to sleep in their own home is really exciting for me and that we've been able to make that possible.  Liz D., Operations Director of Home Based Services

The most satisfying part would be the fact that when we are in classes and especially when I have the ability to participate in classes is to actually hear the change that people are expressing that has occurred because of our program. Rich T., CRT Director

The most satisfying part of my job is seeing the clients that we serve change their life in a positive way and make an impact on the world.   Deb L., Administrative Assistant

What is the reason you work here?

By far the reason I work at Lifeline is the people. Some of the nicest most caring people I have ever met in my life work here.  Dave L., Vice President Family Services

What is your favorite memory from your time here?

My favorite memory was early on probably the very first year and I am in a meeting and we need $10,000 to come in and I am praying with a group of employees and someone knocks on the door and I am annoyed I keep praying and knock again and I am annoyed and get up and answer the door and the lady hands me a check for $10,000. That's when I knew that God still does miracles. that's my favorite memory.  Mark T., CEO

My favorite memory was the mission’s trip that we took to the Dominican February 2013. Where I have never worked that hard, laughed that hard and served that hard, it was a great trip.  Dave L., Vice President Family Services

My favorite memory is when I first started here, many times, and even now it still happens different times. When I'm at my desk, I am working, and all of a sudden I think how blessed I am to work here. It's a wonderful organization with Christian morals and principles and I really appreciate that.  Rhonda R., Insurance Billing Coordinator

What is your favorite thing about working here?

My favorite thing about working here is that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and working with kids that I am eventually going to have an impact on, I feel like I have a real purpose here.  Brittney H., Youth Treatment Specialist

I love working for Lifeline. I have been here 9 years and I can say it’s the people. I believe wholeheartedly in the mission that we bring forth in serving families and counties and I am passionate about the opportunities that we have to be of service to others.  I love the people. Because there so many wonderful staff in the corporate office, the team that I work with, our leadership team and staff, those that work in the field.  I’m so blessed by all the people I am surrounded by and supported by in the work that we do here at Lifeline.  Meme S., Regional Coordinator

I think my favorite thing is watching staff grow and develop when they start to get something or see a new treatment model and learn more about it and I watch their eyes open and to see that breakthrough moment.  It is inspiring, you see the passion in your staff as they grow and that’s contagious.  Paige M., Supervising Therapist

I actually absolutely love the people. Everyone here bar none they are just of exceptional quality. They are very supportive of one another. It is like a family. I just, I love the people.  Laurie J., HR Coordinator

My favorite part of working here is that I have the great responsibility to teach lifelong learners here at Building Blocks Preschool. Arvis B., Preschool Teacher

My favorite thing about working here is working with the kids and to encourage them and to celebrate them when they accomplish their goals and to see the excitement on their faces when they accomplish their goals.  Erika K., Preschool Teacher

I like know that the work I do is part of a bigger picture and I can be a part of helping families. I feel like while my part has no direct contact with clients I know that behind the scenes I am doing paperwork and that is an important part of helping families as well.  Mary B., HBS Administrative Support Specialist

Probably my favorite thing about Lifeline is the fact that it is a company that encourages us to support one another. We are so fortunate and blessed to be able to work for a company that encourages us to like pray for one another and that we can do that in an open environment.  I work for a company that actually goes on missions trips which is pretty amazing and I was able to take advantage of that this past year. So I think those are things that are pretty unique.  In most of the jobs that people are doing they do not have those kinds of opportunities. I have been here for 18 years and I can say that I have never really have a day, with maybe a couple of exceptions that I did not want to get up and come to work. Vicky M., HBS Support Coordinator

My favorite thing about working at Lifeline is being able to work with kids and make a positive impact on their life.  Jessica D., Youth Manager 

Working with the guys and hopefully making a difference. Matt G., Youth Treatment Specialist

Besides the kids my next favorite would be my co-workers, we have an awesome group of people that work here and they love the kids and support them no matter what. Jessica D., Youth Manager 

That we are a faith based company.  Allen R., Regional Coordinator

My favorite thing about Lifeline is definitely the supportive community and the family environment that you feel with your team and really even at the organizational level.  There is a lot of commitment to development and supporting staff at all levels and seeing them grow to their full potential.  Ross D., Regional Coordinator

My favorite thing about working at Lifeline is that we are in the business of helping people. Even though I do marketing and I don’t directly interact with our clients, having the voice of our company might impact someone or if someone gets help because of something they see on Facebook or Twitter that makes me feel good.  Christy P., Marketing Communication Specialist

 I love working here because my personal values line up with Lifeline's core values particularly the fact that we are committed to the great commission and that we also adhere to biblical teaching in how we interact with the kids and also how we interact with each other as staff.  Those are one of the  main reasons why I enjoy working here.  Andrew S., Program Manager

Why do you do what you do?

I think I do what I do because I have recognized that there’s a lot of need in our community, the community I live in and the community I work in. A lot of families that have not had the same opportunities that I was fortunate enough to have and I feel like a kind of an intrinsic desire to help and support those families any way I can.  Ross D., Regional Coordinator

I love doing what I do! I have being doing it for 15 years or more and I love helping other people with getting better in their lives.  Adrienne B., Regional Coordinator

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist so I supervise the program and also work with families in their home and I really enjoy working with families and working with other therapists and coaches who work with families. Brooke S., Director of In-home Family Counseling

Basically, to sum it up, I believe in the cause for Lifeline. Coming from the background that I come from, very similar to some of the people that we have as clients, that’s what attracted me to this business and that is what lead me here. So even if, in an administrative way, that I can be a part of that cause that's my passion.   Laurie J., HR Coordinator

I do what I do because, wow, the children, the parents and I know that they appreciate the help that we give them and I plan to do what I do until I am told that I need to move on.  Bernice B., Director Project Incentive

Why do you like working at Lifeline?

I really like working at Lifeline because I have been able to meet some really great people and have learned a lot of new things. I love to hear the stories about how the staff is impacting the lives of our kids and their families.  Tanya C., Executive Assistant

I enjoy working at Lifeline because I love the team that I work with.  Jenn F., Administrative Assistant

Why do you stay at Lifeline?

Oh why do I stay at Lifeline … because I get to use my gifts and talents and I feel called to the work I am doing and I am allowed to be creative in helping build teams and to look with a strategic plan how we can make things better and we can grow wonderfully talented staff and be able to do things beyond what we did last year.  Meme S., Regional Coordinator

I really love the faith based aspect of the program.  It’s the faith based means a lot to me because of the different positions that I have held have always been in the public and I've never had that opportunity.  My family and I are big participants in the church so therefore we all love the faith aspect.  Also the support I receive from upper management and my staff as well as from my peers.  That is the biggest draw for me.  Jeff G., Regional Coordinator

Why would you tell someone to come work here?

I would tell someone to work at Lifeline because it is a faith-based company and they practice what they believe, the job is very flexible, and the rewards for helping the people that are less fortunate are mind blowing.  Allen R., Regional Coordinator

I would tell someone to work at Lifeline because while you are in the office doing tasks and helping people you are actually extending your hand out further and helping people that need the help whether you are in the office or in the field.  You know that everything you do in that day is going to help someone in the long run and impact people and that makes you feel good.  Kelly H., Assistant to the Director of HBS

Lifeline is a unique company that gives you the opportunity to work with youth and make a difference in their lives.  Brian B., Youth Manager

I believe there's a lot of people here devoted to making change for a lot of kids that sometimes are misunderstood and that a lot of people really don't understand and that the changes that people make here only benefit their lives and I think it is really important.  Dale Y., Intern.