Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

Challenge Course Objectives

COMMUNICATION: The ability to talk among your group as you progress through your challenges. What were your most effective ways of communication? What were your difficulties?

TEAMWORK: Learning to work together through communication and cooperation.

TRUST BUILDING: The dynamic of not only entrusting your safety to another team member but how you support each other through the difficult challenge.

GOAL SETTING: The ability to see the challenge and to set a vision on how to complete the task.

CHALLENGE/STRESS: Each initiative will require both mental and physical challenges. The issue is how to handle the difficult areas without giving up. It is also a way to see how communication, teamwork, and trust change in a challenging and stressful situation.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Each challenge will allow the team members to construct and plan a mode of operation. How this is done will determine your overall success.

FUN: In the midst of mental, physical, and sometimes emotional challenges, you need to enjoy your experience.

PEAK EXPERIENCE: The ropes courses allow you to push yourself beyond your comfort zones and to enjoy the exhilaration of completing difficult tasks.

Challenge Course

Would you like to help your team build limitless trust, confidence, communication, self-respect, creativity, excitement, focus, drive and connection while participating in a fun and exciting activity? At Lifeline, we offer a variety of exceptional programs tailored to your group's specific needs. With proper guidance from our expert facilitators, your group will learn, grow, and bond in ways that are not possible in everyday situations. Instructors guide your group through events, custom tailoring your experience based on the needs of your group and the needs of each individual participant.

​Participants will get to know each other through a variety of activities. This will help your team learn to work together to achieve common goals under challenging circumstances. After each element, the group will be challenged to evaluate all aspects of the experience including the technical - how and what they were doing and how they could have done better, to the ways in which they were communicating, and the ways the experience made each person feel, and why. This is the core of experiential team building. Sharing an intense, positive experience with others produces an emotional bond and increases levels of trust and respect.