Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope


"This company lives their mission."

"Lifeline has a large presence in home based services (and) there is recognition of Lifeline throughout the state."

"I love our mission and vision!  It is communicated that we are a faith-based organization and there is no shying away from the reason we do what we do!"

"We have the ability to speak about Christ- the only true way to help families."

"We have not strayed from our mission, emphasis is put on faith and family."

"Lifeline is passion about
excellence in service."

"Wonderful people work at this organization who are focused on values and beliefs."

"Lifeline feels like a family."

"My colleagues are strong therapists and Family Consultants are easy to work with.  My Supervising Therapist and Regional Coordinator are also very supportive and helpful. Although we are like islands at times, I don’t feel alone."

"Serving others is the calling
at the foundation of Lifeline’s ​
principles and practices."

"Lifeline really cares about me, and my family, so that I can take care of my clients, but also take care of my own family."

Benefits of Working at Lifeline

Lifeline offers competitive benefit and compensation packages to retain quality staff for our programs. Below is a listing of the general benefits offered by Lifeline. Specific benefits may vary according to eligibility and will be discussed prior to actual employment.


Lifeline offers an opportunity for full-time employees to participate in a group health insurance program. 


Eligible employees will receive normal pay, up to an annual award limit, for time absent from work due to medical necessity.


Eligible employees will receive normal pay, up to an award limit, for time absent from work for vacation and personal use.


Lifeline recognizes seven holidays within the calendar year.


Lifeline has agreed to administer payroll deductions to allow employees to enroll in a number of other insurance plans. Examples of these optional plans include dental insurance, life insurance, vision coverage, and more. 


Employees may qualify for education assistance funds.


Lifeline employees providing direct services to clients receive 20 or more hours of training per year in areas such as crisis intervention and working with specific populations.


​"Working at Lifeline is the best decision I have ever made for myself and my family. I have been able to grow with the company professionally and personally. The amount of opportunities Lifeline has been able to give me has been amazing and I continue to see future opportunities within Lifeline."
- Liz Day, Vice President of
​Home Based Services

"My favorite thing about Lifeline, it’s almost like a family – we get to do world shattering things, and we bear the load together."
​- Brian Schilts, Residential Therapist

"Lifeline has provided me the opportunity to use a wide variety of skills I have acquired  over the last 35 years in the construction and mechanical trades. I have also added skills in security systems and fire protection systems since I joined Lifeline 7 years ago. I enjoy working here because of the variety of tasks and positive attitudes and values
​of co-workers."
- Mike Rethlake,
Facilities Maintenance Director 


Opportunities to Make a Difference!

For more than 50 years, Lifeline Youth & Family Services has been committed to changing hearts and bringing hope to youth and families who need it most.  At Lifeline, and our sister organization Crosswinds, we have nearly 700 trained and qualified staff working to provide the guidance and support necessary for families to become successfully independent from the social welfare systems. Through programs like home-based services, residential treatment, and alternative education, we’re helping individuals and families discover solutions that will allow them to reclaim control, rebuild relationships, and restore hope. We're a place where social service careers are made and opportunities to grow both professionally and personally are available to employees at every level.


Due to Lifeline’s continuing expansion, growth opportunities are frequently available. Whether it is promotional opportunities within your program, crossing over into other departments, or even exploring international opportunities at Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy, all employees have the chance to explore a variety of professional options. Lifeline also offers a limited education reimbursement program, competitive benefits, and compensation packages to retain quality staff.    

At Lifeline, we know there are challenges that arise when engaging hurting families.  We work with our employees to maintain balanced lives, particularly when it comes to scheduling. Evening work is common, but most employees also have the flexibility to plan their schedules. Lifeline encourages employees to spend time with their families, recharge when needed, and ensure they are taking care of themselves to establish a healthy work/life balance.

Perhaps the greatest benefit at Lifeline is the opportunity to impact lives. Every day, employees interact with families on their turf. The challenges are great, but so is the opportunity to permanently alter the course of a family’s future.