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Annual Backpack Roundup

​Any parent who’s ever sent a child off to school knows that the expenses can rack up quickly! From shoes and clothing, to lunch boxes and backpacks, it can overwhelm just about anyone. But now imagine that you’re a single mom struggling to make it until your next paycheck or a child wondering if you’ll even have a backpack to carry on that all-important first day of school.  Thanks to churches and individuals in our communities, that’s one less thing for the children of Lifeline to worry about. Each year, hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies are donated to make sure that our kids head back into the classrooms with the tools they need for success. In fact, at Brookmill Court Apartments, we make a celebration of it! An annual cookout gets everyone excited about the new school year, complete with music, pony rides, and games as kids pick up their new backpacks.

​In addition to the above sponsors, Thank You goes out to:

​Heaven 2 Earth Baptist Church
K&K Insurance
Mutual Bank


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If you’d like to find out more about getting involved, either by contributing a backpack of school supplies or volunteering to serve at our annual celebration, contact Frances Brooks at