Changing Hearts and Bringing Hope

At just 9 years old, Mariah* had been in 13 placements prior to her current foster home. When she was 6, she was removed from her family’s home after severe physical and sexual abuse. With such trauma so early in her life, she was struggling to fit into any home as she lacked social skills, had difficulty trusting people....


Where Can I Get Help For My Teen or Family?

By Jennifer Sholund, Grants Coordinator

How Can I Support My Children As I Go Through a Divorce?

By Ruth Skeel, Family Services Clinical Director

My Son Is Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd, What Should I Do?

By Rick Deboest, Residential Clinical Director

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Sam grew up in a home run by drug addiction, and ended up in the foster care system. His life felt hopeless. Then he came to Lifeline.

Our community  outreach at Brookmill Apartments helps families become stronger and more independent. 

Lifeline hosts a variety of events each year from our Planking Challenge to Fish with the Pros and Back Pack Round-Up. 

We help our residential  

students focus on overcoming the past and seeking hope for the future. 

We offer family casework, family therapy, supervised visitations, parent aid services, and parent education.

individuals succeed.
families thrive.
communities prosper.